Financial data, in any business whether small or large scale, is always incredibly valuable. Dismally, however, most businesses fail to capture this amazingly important information and use it to their advantage. The reasons are varied: sometimes entrepreneurs fail to capture it, sometimes the data is so widespread that they are unable to make sense of it, and last but not the least, sometimes they are just ignorant of this fact!

Whatever may be the reason, not using the potential that the historical financial data carries is not so good for a firm, and can prove, as a point of fact, fatal for the firm in today’s cutthroat business scenario. Compare this to a Major League Baseball and I hope I’ll be able to drive the point home. If they miss on either the data or good analytical tools, they sure miss out on the game too – the same is true for businesses these days. NetSuite Business Intelligence is one such tool that can help your business score high and turn rich overnight!

Beginning from the Basics – Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a combination of tools and techniques that are used for analyzing financial and operational data in any business. It is cumulative of data collection, record keeping, presentation tools, and much more. It saves time and effort and brings the hidden aspects of the business to the surface layer. Reports, KPIs, and Dashboards make the essence of any BI software.

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Next, we move to advanced analytical capabilities which are also not uncommon these days. They work in synchronization with the basic BI mentioned above and offer many advanced data analysis benefits. High-level computing prospects exploiting AI, data mining, trend analysis, text mining, machine learning, visualization, etc. are all a part of advanced analytical capabilities.

NetSuite Business Intelligence

NetSuite Business Intelligence is one such sophisticated BI tool that is a package of advanced analytical capabilities and is fast gaining ground in most of the big shot businesses worldwide, no matter what the niche. Role-based dashboards are one of the biggest advantages of using NetSuite Business Intelligence besides their other ciphering reckonings. Not even a single transaction or data entry is ever missed with the help of NetSuite. One can make more informed and thus better business decisions and planning commands with NetSuite Business Intelligence.

Hitting the Home Run

It is time that businesses realize the importance and need for good record keeping and transparent data analysis, especially pertaining to financial data and records. It might seem a bit challenging to adopt software into a manual business, however, NetSuite Intelligence is easy to adopt and use. So, if you are looking to focus on the key responsibility areas in your business premises, improve the performance, incorporate real-time feedback, and check for SBUs that are lagging and the SBUs that are reaping profits, NetSuite Business Intelligence is the home run, the panacea of the business sphere!

How to Hit the Home Run

Cloud ERP Partners can custom build NetSuite to fit your needs and ensure your business is always hitting home runs.