This is no secret that most businesses over the last 5 years have faced immense risks of being shut down due to outdated technology and methodology. The industry has been overtaken by newer and smarter businesses that excel at selling or pricing existing products and services through new methods. They are not changing their products, but their methods. Some of them are even willing to uproot their entire business model and replace it completely.  

Besides the obvious, businesses are suffering from major setbacks due to expansion factors such as scaling, organizational restructuring, and maintenance. The shift of professional life from an office to a home environment had drastic effects on the industry and has everyone looking for answers. After all, who would not want to get their hands on a new ERP project that could improve their business exponentially? The most efficient way to enhance your business is to let go of the “legacy solutions” that you have been using.  

Inefficient Productivity 

The technology-based on legacy solutions is limited and inefficient. Manual labor in general is far less productive than digital tools. This outdated technology has trapped many businesses due to ease of use and understanding. However, you must understand that this is nowhere near ideal for your business. The obvious way to optimize your business moving forward is to make use of the “cloud solutions” such as NetSuite. Have a look at some of the limitations of the legacy solutions that are simultaneously the benefits of having a cloud solution. 

The first issue with legacy solutions is the lack of communication. At the commencement of this decade, communication has become virtual and user-friendly tools are severely lacking in legacy solutions. NetSuite being a cloud solution brings your business the best option for communication within and outside the organization. This pertains to the digital transactions, real-time data, and instant connectivity that every business needs. 

Volatile Market 

The e-commerce industry has changed the dynamic of the markets significantly. Medical businesses have been severely affected as the SOPs that they need to adhere to are extremely strict. Sanitary masks, medicine, and social distancing challenges have all been in full effect as of late. Such businesses were prone to using the legacy solution as well but as of now, they have also realized the importance of shifting to a cloud solution such as NetSuite. The market is extremely volatile and the surety for success is minimal. However, the best possible option to ensure good productivity is NetSuite. 

Scaling Issues 

Most businesses that start strong fail to maintain their productivity. Scaling is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Legacy solutions end up hampering this process because they are only suited to running a limited business. The world is currently at a stage where you need to scale your business if you want any chance of keeping up with the other whales that have taken over the market. If you slack and do not update to a cloud solution, your competitors will implement it and leave you far behind.  

What Can You Do? 

It’s no surprise you will need a cloud system to help you and your business out. So how do you find the right one? The first thing you need to do is to define your needs. Any good ERP system should be able to help you in key areas such as order management, financial management, supply chain management, Procurement, Human Capital Management, and Warehouse management. Granted, you may need not need all of these options, but the right ERP system will be able to create exactly what you need. NetSuite can help you build your perfect ERP system to help keep your company growing, thriving, and ahead of your competitors.